Is Your Garden Fence Ready For Winter?

Winter Damaged Fence

With winter fast approaching, you need to make sure your outside areas are prepared. And your garden fencing should be high on your priority list. This country’s winter weather is usually wet and windy, which can cause extreme damage to your garden fence, so now is the time to make sure it can withstand the coming months.

Clear the base of your garden fence

Clearing the area around the base of your garden fence will help with drainage and allow the ground to dry out easier, giving a firm foundation for your fence posts. This will also help you identify if any gravel boards have become damaged or rotten.

Treat or paint your fence

If the weather is still dry, you can help your fence’s surface by painting or spraying it with a good preservative. This will soak into the timber, giving it a barrier against moisture, which can help prevent rotting and weakening over the winter.

Don’t ignore broken fence panels or posts

Wet and windy conditions will almost certainly bring down any already weak and damaged fencing panels and posts, as well as those attached to it. So, it’s far more cost effective to replace them now.

As a busy time of year for garden landscapers and contractors, it’s not always easy to get someone out to repair a broken fence panel or fence post at short notice. This could mean your garden and property is unsecure, which isn’t ideal if you have pets or children. This is another good reason to make sure your fence is in order now.

Hopkins Fencing Ltd offers a professional and personalised service, from qualified tradesmen, and will be happy to give you a free, no-obligation estimate for your fencing repair or replacement.

Hopkins Fencing Ltd Products

Hopkins Fencing have a wide choice of fence panels to suit every taste, project and budget.

Our fence panels range from budget lap and board panels to attractive decorative screen panels, with picket and feather edge fencing in between. Our Best Value Closeboard Panels and Best Value Lap Panels are the perfect, practical choice for any garden.

Our timber fence posts are compatible with the range of fencing panels we offer, and we also supply concrete slotted fence posts for extra strength. Our standard sawn and treated fence posts are available in 3” or 4” and a wide variety of lengths.

Our sawn and treated gravel boards come in a variety of lengths, offering a secure and protective base for both feather edge fencing and standard lap or board fence panels. We also have a range of hardwearing concrete gravel boards.

We also supply and install all Decking Products.

Feather Edge Fencing

Feather edge fencing is a highly popular choice, offering a durable and charming alternative to a standard fence panel.

To find out more about our range of fence panels please click here

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